The sky's the limit

Ade, 24, Gleek. Smilers. Directioner. My blog is a messy place, just like my life.

Hardcore Klainer, and CrissColfer shipper (and believer) since Bryant Park.

Darren Criss is the love of my life. He's the reason why I still have hope in humanity. I hugged him in Paris.

Chris Colfer is my inspiration. He said "Ciao ciao" to me this summer and I'm pretty sure that he thought I was dumb.

Lea Michele is the strongest woman I know.

I'm a Blaine Stan! Blaine is my litte cute cupcake and I want him to be happy and loved, like he deserves. He's my hero.

Rachel Berry is my twin.

I love One Direction, I believe and ship Larry (obviously) and I'm a Louis girl! He's just so sassy and funny and cute and I love him.

I will also post other random things from my favourite TV shows, mainly, TVD, TCD, TO, PLL, Sherlock, Shameless and so on.

Not Chillaren blog friendly.
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